Monday, April 20, 2009

Cowboy Museum

Jack Glover outside the Cowboy Museum

South of Wimberley Texas, there is a place. A pioneer town, a museum, newspaper, an opera house, ice cream parlor . Time is motionless, memories, are for you. Jack Glover, he is there too.
With Jack's help the items in the museum will come to life, and you won't have to wait until mid-night. Teddy Roosevelt may not be in there but Geronimo sure is and he ain't alone.

Jack in fierce narration.

The back room. Sorry bout the perspective. I had 3' between me an the counter in the center. The counter is actually straight. This is a place you need to visit.

At the end of the day


  1. Jack , I have to Talk To You Man. This is Duke Pistokache. I bought some things from you when you were across from the Alamo. Spurs, African Bead Work Belt, few old Guns Big Barreled Double Shot Gun, Old olains Rifel etc... I know you aint going to remmber Me, But Iam that half Oklahoma Band Choctaw, that grew up in Kennedale Texas ! you gave me an Old Choctaw tribal land Doc, from like 1890 something one Time, anyway jack, If you remmber you told me about Kennedale texas ,and James A. Athour giving you a Chaw of Tobaco when you hit a Home Run, in Baseball, you told me about the old bath Houses, and you also told me about there Being an old Brothal there way back when and folks came to both the Mineral baths and The Brothel ,or something like that. Ok Jack I mlive way Down South Texas By Reynosa Mexico been here 27 yr.s ,but I have an old Friend from Kennedale who is doing some History research for the area, she asked me what i knew about Kennedale history and i told her somethings you had told me 17 yrs ago..... ANYWAY SHE SHARED IT WITH SWOME OF THE TOWN FOLK OF KENNEDALE AND THEY BOUT WENT BALISTIC ABOUT THE BROTHEL PART !!!... LOL..... Kennedale has alot of Bibel thumpers still to this day. JACK I WANT TO MAKE CONTACT WITH YOU ! and if possible put you in contact with my Writter Friend from Kennedale Tx. She would SOooo Love to speak with You ! PLZ Call Me DUKE Pistokache (956)-533-9380. Iam also on Facebook

  2. Hi Jack - I do wish to speak to you! I am the publisher of Kennedale News and am researching the area for a book project. Could I please call you or have you call me? My phone # is 817-343-8530; my email address is would love to speak to you about what you know of Kennedale's younger days! Thanks, Tammy Jones

  3. Dadgum Jack ! You didnt Know horse traden with me and chewn the Fat 18 yrs ago was goin to stir the Fire up on Ya ! I love it Jack you are a tresure house of history !!! Like you always Said to Me Good Friend , Keep your Spirit Clean !

  4. Jack, this is Christian brittingham, you know my father, Jim wooster. Id like to talk to you about something you found a long time ago. You did its body to the British I believe. Email me asap.