Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jack' s Last Post by Joe...

People, I  am very sorry to report this to all of you that pass by this spot in the ether. Having never written an obit before, makes me a little nervous, so please bear with me.

Jack Glover, my friend  died last year. Teller of many stories and historical events that date back before most of you were born. He could spin a yarn to lighten the day or relate truths that many people didn't want told.

I have no idea of when Jack was born or where. He wandered into my life sometime in the early seventies.  To many of us, he was ageless. We first met at Wagon Sellers, a building (Jack's Museum) near Sunset or  Alvord TX. on highway 287. A few years later Jack moved his operation to San Antonio not far from the Alamo. I lost track of Jack from time to time, but finally caught up with him, South of Wimberly, Texas. We visited with Jack and took a few pictures of his cowboy museum, listened to some stories and wished I could have walked down that dusty road a little farther with Jack.
Jack, keep the wind to your back, and  as you would say "Keep your Spirit clean" see ya.
joe b

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cowboy Museum

Jack Glover outside the Cowboy Museum

South of Wimberley Texas, there is a place. A pioneer town, a museum, newspaper, an opera house, ice cream parlor . Time is motionless, memories, are for you. Jack Glover, he is there too.
With Jack's help the items in the museum will come to life, and you won't have to wait until mid-night. Teddy Roosevelt may not be in there but Geronimo sure is and he ain't alone.

Jack in fierce narration.

The back room. Sorry bout the perspective. I had 3' between me an the counter in the center. The counter is actually straight. This is a place you need to visit.

At the end of the day